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What Tiara's Clients are Saying

"I love my lash extensions!!! They look so natural and full and are so long. In fact even my ophthalmologist couldn't tell and said that my set of lashes was the best he had ever seen. The best thing is not having to worry about wearing mascara at all but looking like you do. They feel great and you don't have to worry about having an active lifestyle - you can swim and exercise and not worry that they will fall off. Tiara is very meticulous and takes her time to make your eyelashes look fantastic. She creates a relaxing atmosphere and her place is spotless and clean. I am truly addicted!!!"
- Family Doctor in Brampton

"I have been a client of Tiara's for almost two years now. I am very pleased with her work. My lashes always look incredibly full and natural after a visit with Tiara. They also last a long time. I love not having to wear mascara on a daily basis. I have recommended Tiara to all my friends, and they love her as well!"
- Mother of Two from Mississauga

"I've been a loyal customer for almost a year now. At first I just wanted to try it out but it has definitely become part of my beauty regime. I couldn't be happier with the service and end result! I have long fluttery eyelashes and the best part is that I can now cut out a big chunk of the time and makeup I used to put on. Everyone has been asking me what mascara I've been using and why my eye 'makeup' is always so flawless. Tiara always takes her time to make sure I get the results I want. I recommended Tiara to my sister and now she's hooked too!"
- University Student

"I've always had very thin and short lashes; I used to wear globs of mascara to make up for the lack of lashes. I have always wanted longer, fuller looking lashes, but too worried about trying fake lashes from the drug store. After reading about Xtreme Lashes I was excited to try this method. My very first session with Tiara was amazing and since then I've enjoyed coming back to have my lashes maintained. Her work has really made a difference in my appearance overall; I regularly receive complements from others about being Asian with such nice eyes.
Tiara herself is a wonderful woman; she's very easy to get along with, instinctively knows how to make fabulous results, and is very reasonable with the charges for her service. Inside the studio, it's a very private setting and there's always good music playing low in the background. Going to Tiara is like relaxing with a friend; we chit chat about life, she puts me at ease and before I know it, I open my eyes looking beautiful!
I'm extremely happy with my lashes, lucky that I found Tiara, and have recommended her to my friends and relatives."
- Model

"I discovered Tiara awhile after I first heard about lash extensions. I had been on the internet for hours at a time doing searches and looking into the various options and places that offered this service. My first visit with Tiara was very pleasant, friendly and relaxing, her pricing extremely competitive and her attentiveness unmatched. I can say almost a year later those very same things are still true. No one can tell that these are not my natural lashes, not even friends I've had for years. I get compliments all the time and I love it. I would never dream of going to someone else to get my luscious lashes, I simply follow Tiara wherever she goes, SHE'S WORTH IT!!"
- Mother of One from Mississauga

"Lashes Luscious is an essential part of my beauty routine. They make such an impact that I barely even wear eye makeup anymore. I've gone to many lash extensions studios in Toronto over the past 2 years and Lashes Luscious is by far the best."
- Kari

"I have been Tiara's customer for one year now. The first time I had my eyelashes done was before a trip to Mexico so that I didn't have to be concerned about my makeup while at the beach. I have no worries about mascara smudging when it's hot or when I go swimming. I thought this was going to be a short term accessory but I have been going back ever since. I am always happy with the results and I would recommend Tiara to all my friends!"
- B.M

"I'm in love with these eyelash extensions! They are so natural-looking, they give my eyes such dimension, and best of all, I don't need to wear any mascara! I can just get up and go! My eyes actually look better with the eyelash extensions than what any mascara could ever give me. And since I've stopped using mascara, my baby lashes have also started growing, which only adds to the volume of my lashes. I'm so happy with Tiara and her work, she makes sure that your lashes look their absolute best. Her place is always meticulously clean. She is a warm and friendly person, and always creates a very welcoming environment."
- Salon Owner in Richmond Hill

"My own lashes are long but the enhancement extreme lashes does to them is amazing! I first started getting extreme lashes when a friend of mine showed off hers. They looked so natural and real I was sold at first sight. I love the lashes with the feathering simply because they are not too dramatic and I never have to wear a messy mascara again when I can just flaunt my new lashes! I recommend anyone to try them at least once."
- Fashion Designer in Brampton

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